Welcome to Trudles Catering!

When my grandparents, Kurt and Gertrude (Trudle) Binner immigrated to Chicago from Germany, my grandfather apprenticed as a pastry chef at the Palmer House. After years of service, he opened his own, full-service bakery on the southeast suburbs of Chicago, called Maiers Bakery.

Growing up, I loved spending time at Maiers. My grandparents greeted every customer by their first names, and I loved helping children pick out ‘penny candy’ while their parents ordered fresh baked goods, and I always longed to open a bakery of my own.

Today, my husband Lou and I live in the heart of historic downtown Evansville, Indiana. We love being a part of the community and I have many wonderful memories from raising my 4 children in this beautiful city. Through Trudles Catering, my hope is to provide you with desserts and dishes which will help you create your own special memories with your loved ones.